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Christmas 6 Pack


Product Quantity

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

Secret Santa Beer!

Happy Christmas Bell End!

Secret Bloody Santa!

Merry F**king Christmas!

Ho! Ho! F**king Ho!

Bah F**king Humbug!

Merry Christmas C**t!


Get your banter on at Christmas with this awesome 6 pack! Get 6 cans at a bargain price and you get to pick ‘n’ mix the designs!

What’s in the can?
Not only is your beer gift going to look great and be well received, it tastes great too! This beer is a 4.5% golden craft beer made with premium barley and super tasty American hops, carefully crafted by our award winning brewery. Not too strong and not weak, it’s lightly carbonated and filtered for stability and shelf life and means it’s enjoyed by both ale and lager drinkers alike! Delicious!

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