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Stag Party Beers – Personalised

If ever there’s one place you’re gonna find beer and banter, it’s at a stag do! When you’re gathering your wolf pack for the big event, why not pimp up your party pre-drinks with some personalised beers?! Choose your design, type in the name of the stag, the location and date and BOOM! You have your own personalised stag do beers to impress everyone! And don’t forget, our beer is truly top notch since we’re an award winning brewery, so you’re all gonna love the taste too! Available in boxes of 6 or 12 cans at a discounted rate from the standard personalised rate.

What’s in the can?
Not only is your beer gift going to look great and be well received, it tastes great too! This beer is a 4.5% golden craft beer made with premium barley and super tasty American hops, carefully crafted by our award winning brewery. Not too strong and not weak, it’s lightly carbonated and filtered for stability and shelf life and means it’s enjoyed by both ale and lager drinkers alike! Delicious!


What You Need To Know...


Whatever you type in, is what will be printed. Generally, there is no "hard" limit on the number of characters, the system will adjust the font size to try and squeeze in longer words but it can't work miracles. What you see on screen is what you'll get. If you enter a massive double-barrelled name, chances are it's not gonna fit, so pay attention to the preview and keep the text succinct. No words are banned, we need to learn some new ones so fill your boots on what you type in!


Background colours may appear brighter than the finished, printed product. This is due to limitations on colour display on-screen (RGB) compared to the printed labels (CMYK). Your on-screen preview colour is an indication, not a colour correct mock up, so don't get your knickers in a twist because the can isn't a fluorescent green being displayed on your iPhone 2 (other mobiles are available).


We don't care what you upload here, we'll just print what you send (within reason anyway, we're open minded but not totally debauched!), check your preview carefully for the sizing and cropping of the image - we don't mess with it, the system generates the print artwork from what you do, so if you're not happy with it, it's most likely down to you not setting the photo correctly - sorry, but it's true. Therefore, pay attention to it and check it all before completing your purchase.


These are about as accurate as you can get and the preview is stored with the job, so your finished, printed label can of beer will match the preview. If you're not happy with the end product but it matches the preview you were shown, it's kinda tough titty I'm afraid, the preview is there for you to approve. If some gremlin has crept in and means the finished product doesn't match the preview, then obviously we'll put it right and grovel for your forgiveness.

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